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About Vanderhoof

Vanderhoof is 100 km (60 miles) west of Prince George. Vanderhoof is located at the geographical centre of the province about the same latitude as Edmonton, and on the same longitude as Nanaimo. It sits on a plateau above the Nechako River Valley. No other B.C. Community, except in the Peace River Country, is so distant from mountains, enabling the people of Vanderhoof to enjoy a wide expanse of sky.

Such natural features are of significant influence on Vanderhoof’s economic development, particularly in agriculture, forestry and tourism.

If you are not currently a resident of Vanderhoof, we hope that you will visit us soon to see what we have to offer to both residents and businesses. Come visit us nestled in the beautiful Nechako Valley, Vanderhoof is surrounded by fertile farmlands and miles of forests.

During the early years, Vanderhoof (Dutch for "of the farm") began as a small community with the surrounding area made up of large cattle ranches and logging operations.

On April 7th 1914 the Golden Spike was driven in marking the end of railway construction. Vanderhoof was founded soon after by Herbert Vanderhoof, a Chicago publicist, who worked on behalf of the Grand Truck Pacific Railroad hoping to lure settlers to the region by promising unlimited, fabulously rich farmland, homes and businesses, plumbing and electricity. The people came in droves.

Vanderhoof quickly became a centre for ranching and logging. Both industries have helped open up the surrounding wilderness for anglers, canoeists, cross-country skiers and wildlife photographers. In their wake came a number of lakeside resorts and wilderness retreats.

Vanderhoof’s strategic location on the Highway 16 and the northern main line of the CN railway, makes it an important transportation, supply and service centre.

Today in Vanderhoof there is a noticeable presence of various levels of government agencies such as Canada Employment, Forestry, Agriculture and conservation play significant roles in the stimulation of the Vanderhoof economy. Centrally located within our town are a regional hospital, health care unit, dental clinics, physiotherapy clinic, financial institutions, seniors housing, numerous service organizations and affordable housing opportunities are available.

With the growth of our community our traditional natural resource based economy has diversified slowly, but our main industry continues to be forestry, agriculture and tourism based. Solid growth in manufacturing with a predominance of international exports from the local businesses and value-added wood products are helping to create a more diverse and yet stable economic climate.

Vanderhoof has available land with access to rail, port and air services, as well as abundant power and natural gas supplies combine to provide suitability and interest in primary, secondary and resource manufacturing investment. The pine beetle infestation has brought about significant and rapid-paced changes to the forest industry. Rapid changes like the pine beetle infestation and past USA sanctions on Canadian beef has created a climate of innovation, diversification, implementation of new technologies and collaborative strategic planning in the District and across the region.

Vanderhoof is the gateway to outdoor pursuits that include hiking, mountain biking, camping and ATVing. Those interested in the area’s history will have a chance to explore the Vanderhoof Community Museum, which features 11 historical buildings and gives visitors a taste of what life was like in the area in the 1920’s. An hour’s drive away is Cheslata Falls and the memorable Kenney Dam.