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Taxes and Utilities

The District of Vanderhoof has initiated a new online service for paying your property tax bill and your water sewer garbage utility bill online. If you bank with the CIBC, Royal Bank or Integris Credit Union you will be able to set-up the District of Vanderhoof as a payment option. Each bank handles on-line payments differently but you should be able to search District of Vanderhoof and set us up as a payee and pay your property tax bill on-line at your convenience.

A Message from the Provincial Government

We have updated our webpage to reflect changes for the 2017 tax year.  Here is a link to our home page: http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/taxes/property-taxes/help-centre/tax-resources   

Below are links to our updated web pages for additional and specific information pertaining to home owner grant administration.  





  • Who Can Apply on Behalf of a Registered Owner – Decommissioned



News Release regarding the new threshold:  https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2017FIN0002-000039


Note: If you’ve saved the old links as favourites or quick links, please update them.

For clarification regarding Retroactive Home Owner Grant application: 

What has changed? The applicant is now able to complete the new form online, print and sign the form and provide it to the municipality.  The applicant is NOT required to provide any supporting documentation; however it is recommended the municipality verify the applicant’s information. (For example: check BCDL or BC Services Card etc).

What has not changed? The municipality is to receive the application and submit as per the regular process. Email the processed  applications to eRetro@gov.bc.ca

No training will be provided as the change is only related to the Retroactive Home Owner Grant form.

Please share and circulate this email within your municipality.

Should you require clarification please do not hesitate to email hogadmin@gov.bc.ca.