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Building Permit

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Building Inspector: Darren Dyck

Office Hours: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

(Office is located behind Fire Hall)

Cell: (250)570-9134

Building and Development Applications:

Building Permit (only) ⇒ View
Building Bylaw Schedules A-G + Appendix G ⇒ View
Building Permit Checklist ⇒ View
Inspection Report ⇒ View
Sewer Connection Application ⇒ View
Water Connection Application ⇒ View
Subdivision Approval Application ⇒ View

Development Variance Permit ⇒ View
Joint OCP & Zoning Amendment Application ⇒ View
OCP Amendment Application ⇒ View
Zoning Amendment Application ⇒ View