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Community Development

Email Hilary Irvine, Deputy Director of Community Development

The Community Development department is exactly that - the department that is focused on how to promote and develop our community for the betterment of our citizens, businesses and environment. We also support the growing economic opportunities for existing and new businesses.

Arts & Culture

There is a strong arts and culture current in Vanderhoof. The District of Vanderhoof supports programs geared toward promoting the arts in Vanderhoof, including sponsoring events such as Concert in the Park and Canada Day. Please contact us for more information.

Recreation Programs

The District of Vanderhoof provides a summer recreation program for school aged children. The District also encourages and supports recreation and health in Vanderhoof. Click here to learn more about recreational opportunities in Vanderhoof.

Economonic Development

Support and expansion of our economic environment in Vanderhoof is key to our success as a community. The District of Vanderhoof has many programs in place to support economic development in Vanderhoof. Click here for more information.

Business and Community Liaison

The District of Vanderhoof is very involved in making connections between the business community and the citizens of Vanderhoof. Contact us to learn more. Part of the duties of this department is to produce the Updater - a publication about and for the community.

Emergency Preparedness and Fire Rescue

Being situated on a river, Vanderhoof has been developing an emergency preparedness plan. Vanderhoof is also home to the Vanderhoof Volunteer Fire Department. Learn more about Fire and Rescue.