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May 2016

“Sunny Ways, my friends, Sunny Ways”

There have been so many wonderful things happen in Vanderhoof the past month I could only think of
the quote by Sir Wilfred Laurier and paraphrased by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his election night. I don’t have space to mention everything, so I will focus on three that I value.

On Friday May 13th, Vanderhoof hosted around 700 school children from as far away as Houston who released about 700, one year old sturgeon into the Nechako River. In total about 9,000 baby sturgeon were released from the recovery centre this year. This is a species that is on the brink of extinction with only somewhere between 350-600 mature adults. This was the second release from the new Recovery Centre and they are experiencing an 85% survival rate after the first couple of weeks. It was so refreshing to see so many young people take such an active part in the rehabilitation of this great resource. If you can, take the opportunity to go on one of the Sturgeon conservation Centre tours being offered all through the summer.

Later that same afternoon our MLA, Minister John Rustad, announced that Vanderhoof was being awarded a community forest. This is a 21,000 ha site just north east of Vanderhoof. The community forest provides Vanderhoof with an active role in a resource that is not only part of our economy, but also our environment. This is a great community asset that will reap its real benefits for generations to come. This past weekend, 90 Trees for 90 Years were planted around our community.

Thank you to all the families, Councillors and staff, and volunteers with the Nechako Waste Reduction
Initiative that made this happen. It was a great celebration of our past 90 years and a gift to the next 90 years. There are so many exciting things happening in Vanderhoof, it’s important to celebrate these victories.

~ Mayor Gerry Thiessen